It’s about time…

to combat antibiotic resistance.

The global rise of antimicrobial resistance means now is the time for one of the greatest challenges in the minds of medicine and science to be solved. The pursuit of faster, smarter, and more cost-effective ways to diagnose and treat infection is a challenge we’ve accepted.

An exciting step forward

ODx are a medical technology company based in Inverness. We are relentlessly focused on transforming the speed at which antibiotic sensitivity tests are performed on patients with Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). We aim to bring this ground-breaking microbiological technology to patients so that diagnosis and treatment can be delivered on the day that counts.

ODx are facing this previously insurmountable challenge head on. Our dedicated teams of specialist microbiologists, engineers and laboratory technicians are supported by partners and experts in medical technology and diagnostics from across the world. Bacteria have nowhere to hide.

It's simple. After a UTI has been clinically diagnosed and antibiotic treatment has been chosen as being appropriate, our technology aims to detect bacterial growth and provide antibiotic sensitivities of the isolated pathogen. The critical choice of what to prescribe is available within minutes, rather than days. 

Rapid susceptibility testing at the point of care

ODx has been recognised for work on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) with the prestigious Longitude Prize Discovery Award and the coveted Innovative Prize at the Scottish Life Sciences Awards.

Working in partnership with The Technology Partnership our novel Perigee technology provides rapid antimicrobial susceptibility profile testing at point of care for patients with a suspected UTI.